GM Men's Club / Club General Motors 1933-2019

Lou Seaton

In 1933, Lou Seaton then chief bargainer for the General Motors Corporation established the General Motors Men's and Women's clubs, as well, as the General Motors Choir. He crystallized a vision of organizations within the corporation with the objective to sustain an interest in the policies and activities of the corporation; to promote friendliness and good will; and to encourage the cultural and welfare of its members. Today the major concerns revolve around friendliness and good will through social activities and to provide a public relation service through charitable contributions in the corporation name

The first 33 years consisted of monthly board and various committee meetings held during lunch periods. Evening meetings were introduced in 1966. Those attending found additional business was conducted after the formal meeting as the executives usually completed the evening by having dinner together. In 2011, The GM Men's Club officially changed it name to Club General Motors.

During the first 25 years of the club, the most significant yearly attractions were the election dinner, a golf tournament, an aquarama cruise, and a football excursion. Today the Club General Motors sponsors nearly 25 events annually.

In 1967 the club introduced its first saleable item, a set of glasses with the club logo. This laid the cornerstone for the significant amounts of money currently raised for charities. In January 2007 the GMMC opened an On-Line Store for employees to purchase GM Logo items.

In addition, certain members of GM management serve as advisors to the board and various chairmen are appointed to handle the many club activities throughout the year. Key to the success of club activities in any year is the network of contact persons acting as liaisons between the club and members at their place of work. In addition, the club has numerous volunteers assisting the club with various events throughout the year.

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